Introduction IFTTT app – purely it is a service which allows a user to program a response to events in the world of various kinds. There is more number of events to which IFTTT can respond, all detectable through the …

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iCloud Storage

iCloud Stoage

Introduction iCloud Storage – This name has powerful content because in the iPhone and Macbook users everyone accesses to it. It is most secure and great cloud storage for iCloud users. iCloud is a cloud storage and cloud computing services. …

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chmod command

chmod command

Introduction chmod command; which is used to change the access permissions of file system objects in Unix-like operating systems – like as sets the permissions of files and directories. The command name chmod referred for change mode. it controls the …

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USB C Port


Introduction USB C Port ; it is a connector, which is used to transmitting both data and power on a single cable. It is also referred as Type-C which one is the latest connector developed by the USB Implementers Forum(USB-IF). …

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Sh Command

Introduction Sh Command; it is the program or command interpreter users interact with in a terminal emulation window. Sh is a standard command language interpreter of Unix based operating system and added in Linux also. Bash is the running in …

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