Best Video Converters

The Best Video Converters


We are making our own or viewing them online, videos are everywhere these days, its scarcely a seamless experience to play video files on multiple best video converters is a vital tool for saving videos in different formats.

It seems like there are as many video file formats as there are devices to play them on. Flash Video, MKV, MOV, AVI, MPEG. And even if your desktop can read them, probabilities are, your mobile device cannot.

You might want to play a specific video on a device that has limited storage and there need to reduce the size of the file. You might want to keep your whole video collection in the same format, but have a few scamper entries messing up your PC.

Once you can start using a video converters, these make life easier by changing video files into different formats, enabling you to play the video on your favorite device and app.

Video converters can also be useful when editing videos, as altering the file to a different format can allow for a more effective editing process.

Before using video converters

If you are converting videos from YouTube, keep in mind that downloading videos is against its terms of service. It’s also potentially a copyright breach unless you have permission from the copyright holder, or the video is in the public domain. 

In this article, we expose the best video converters for Windows/macOS and what they have to offer.

1 Any Video Converter-Best Video Converters (Windows/MacOS)

Best Video Converters
Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter(AVC) is a great piece of freeware that can handle conversions to everything from DivX and MPEG4 to VOB and more than 60 other input formats (including 4K) — all within an pretty and minimalist interface.

The software also structures user-defined video outputs, as well as batch processing for converting many files simultaneously, and saves all converted video to a pre-designated folder for quick access and organization.

It can directly extract and convert audio from any given video into a limited number of formats, including MP3, AAC, WAVE, and others. Added point is, the program permits you to download and convert YouTube and Google videos.

If you want, the paid version enables you to convert BD and DVD discs and includes a screen recorder and DVD menu templates, among other features.


The free version is okay for beginners. Any Video Converter Ultimate, which costs $49.95.

2 Prism Video Converter Software (Windows/MacOS)

Prism Video Converter

It is a great choice if you don’t really have a video editor at the moment, but still need to make changes to the video clip that you’re converting, so its on of best video converters software.

The interface is not particularly simple, but it follows a familiar method and is easy to pick up quickly, with large buttons for the several functions:

Add your video file, and you can get to work. The converter works with all communal video formats and any format that uses the DirectShow codec, plus device-specific formats for smartphones, etc.

Prism gives you fast conversions and high-quality output, but the output resolution is limited to 1080p. It supports 30 video formats, including MPEG, MP4, MOV, and AVI.

Prism is only available for Windows, so if you like to shift between Windows and MacOS, you may want to test a different software that works with both.

Note for Video Converters

The free download for Prism includes all features, but the more advanced video editing structures will stop after a few days unless you buy the full edition. The converter abilities, however, are free forever.


Prism is free for non-commercial use.

 Unrestricted lifetime license and access to all formats, the cost is $19.99 (without MPEG2 support)

Unrestricted lifetime license and access to all formats, the cost is $29.99 (Include MPEG2 support)

3 Best Video Converter – HandBrake (Windows/MacOS)


HandBrake is the only completely free piece of video converters software on the list.

As with most totally free tools, you won’t get a shiny, modern interface, and there is a bit of a learning curve when getting started. However, for many uses, HandBrake can be up to the job.

Editing choices are plentiful and output quality of videos is surprisingly good for a free tool. Conversion times are typically slow, so you will need to be patient.

It is supported, including MP4, M4V, MOV, and MPEG, etc. There are various preset profiles for exact devices, although not as much optimal as you get with most paid tools. The highest resolution available is 2160p.

4 DivX Video Converter (Windows/MacOS)

DivX Video Converter
DivX Video Converter 

It does offer a free version. When you first installation the software, it asks you to agree to install multiple other pieces of software like as Divx Player, Media Server, and DivX Web Player, as well as Avast Antivirus. However, if you’re paying attention, you can simply uncheck the box next to each and continue with the installation process.

DivX has a lot of useful, built-in choices for inputs and outputs, along with editing tools for change the videos you’re looking to convert. Although the software is a little aggressive in trying to drive you toward upgrading to the premium version, the free one works rather well.

When adding files, you can do so from a local drive, or import them directly from Blu-ray discs. The software also supports Google Drive and Dropbox, for those looking to edit files that are stored remotely.

Extra Features and File Formats of DivX Video Converters

A collection of output profiles delivers a number of pre-defined options, and you can further customize the resulting file if you prefer — there are options for selecting the resolution, altering the aspect ratio, and changing the bit rate, among others.

The free version of the software offers decent conversion speeds, high-quality output, and the option of 4K. There are more than a various format options, including MP4, MOV, AVI, and more.

You can upgrade from the free version by buying individual features, such as Cloud Connect, a Video Pack, a DFX Audio Enhancer, or a DTS-HD Plug-In.

You can even pay specifically to get rid of ads. The alternative is to upgrade to the Pro version, which gives you all additional features.


The free version is free forever and is very usable & The full Pro version costs $19.99

5 VideoProc (Windows/MacOS)


This video converters is a paid-only software, but you can try it out for free to see if it is a good fit. One of the profits of a paid service is that you don’t have to fear about intrusive ads or annoying upsells.

Output video quality is excellent and fast conversion speeds are achieved through a GPU Hardware acceleration feature. The VideoProc interface is very easy to navigate, with conversion formats divided into types.

Features and Formats

Options include merge, flip, trim, split, snapshot, fisheye correction, and more. There are even a couple of features designed specifically with GoPro users in mind: deshake and denoise.

VideoProc supports more than 70 formats, including AVI, MOV, and MP4 and 4k conversions also available even it even supports 8K resolution.


Trail version available for limited in terms of video length

The full version starts at $29.95 for a one-year package for one PC.

6 Wondershare UniConverter(Windows/MacOS)

Best Video Converters
Wondershare UniConverter

It is one of the best video converters also it is not a cheaper but if you’re looking for quality and speed, then it could be a good fit.

Wondershare deals a free trial but with several limitations. You can only convert one-third of the full video length, speeds are slower than in the paid version and you can’t burn to disc, and downloading and recording video is highly restricted.

Easy to use but has lots of extra options outside of straight-up video conversions, such as some advanced editing tools. This software can handle 35 video formats, including MP4, MOV, and MPEG.and 4k conversions. More than 150 device profiles are pre-configured.


Paid plans start at $39.95 for a one-year license for one PC.

7 Movavi Video Converters(Windows/MacOS)

Movavi Video Converter
Movavi Video Converter

If you are using the free trial, you will get reminders to purchase a full license, but other than that, there are no ads, and the installer doesn’t try to install extra software. So Movavi is paid-only software.

Its deliver a clean, modern interface that’s simple to navigate. Expect high-quality output, fast conversions, and up to 4K in output resolution.

There’s a solid number of preset profiles available, although the number of output format options (17) is on the low side for a padi tool. It does cover the most popular formats such as AVI, MP4, MOV, and MPG.


It is coming with a limited 7-day free trial.

The Video Converter Premium costs $39.95 for a one-year license and $49.95 for a lifetime plan.

Movavi makes video editing software available for separate purchase ($79.95 for a lifetime plan).

8 WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory (Windows Only)

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory
WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory

This video converters is a paid tool that offers a free (unregistered) version to use as a trial. Aside from letting you know you should upgrade to a full license, WonderFox doesn’t bombard you with ads or try to get you to install extra software.

There are 21 supported formats including AVI, MOV, MP4, and MPG. Output is of high quality and you have the option of 4K. Speeds aren’t all that fast, but they’re not horribly slow either.


The HD Video Converter costs $29.95 (currently discounted from $39.95) per license.

9 Cloud Convert (web-based Video Converters)

Best Video Converters
Cloud Convert

The one of the best online tools for simple downloads and conversion. The web-based software currently handles 218 different formats that go far beyond video (including docs, images, ebooks, and more).

Batch converting and folder monitoring are comprised, and the API permits you to plug these facilities into a number of applications if you already have a preferred video/audio software hub.

The whole conversion process takes place in the cloud, and output settings — like aspect ratio, codec, bit rate, and resolution, can also be tweaked from the app’s web interface prior to conversion.


Cloud Convert can be used absolutely free for up to 25 conversions per day.

Packages are one-time payments and your quota will not expire. $8.00 | Conversion minutes $0.0160

Subscriptions charge you every month for a fixed amount of conversion minutes. Not used credits do not roll over at the end of the month. In exchange they are up to 50% cheaper than packages.

$8.00 p month | Conversion minutes per month $0.0080 per minute

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