Kodi Movie Addons

Kodi Movie Addons


Your TV cable service is inadequate to quench your desire for most-watching. This is why more and more people are using Kodi movie addons instead.

We round up the best Kodi addons for FireStick, Fire Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube, Android Mobiles & Tablets, Windows & Mac computers, and all Kodi compatible hardware platforms. The mainstream of these addons offer forward compatibility with the latest Kodi 18.6 Leia.

So you have effectively installed Kodi on your PC/Amazon Fire TV Stick/Android or any other device. But only installing Kodi on your device won’t do the trick. To exploit Kodi to the full and gain its full benefits, you will need Kodi Addons.

Available Status and Features of Kodi Movie Addons

That’s why I have made this list of best Kodi Movie Addons 2020. These Addons complement Kodi by helping users access tons of streaming services, TV channels, Music & Radio Stations, etc.

Thousands of Addons for Kodi are currently accessible over the internet. However, many third-party Kodi Addons have been taken down by the authorities and even many Kodi repositories are no longer working.

We’ve examined through a huge number of repositories to locate the 30+ best TV and movie Kodi addons that will let you watch movies and TV on Kodi to your heart’s content.

Read Before you Continue: Kodi Users

Kodi Addons offer unlimited streaming content, but could also get you into legal distress if caught streaming free Movies / TV shows / Sports. Kodi users are strongly guided to always connect a VPN while streaming online.

A good Kodi VPN hides your identity, bypasses government surveillance, geo-blocked content, and ISP throttling (which also helps in buffer-free streaming).

Warning: Kodi should only be used for content to which you have the legal right to access. Neither the Kodi Foundation nor Comparitech advocates the use of Kodi for piracy.

List out 31 best Kodi Addons for Movies & TV in 2020

The best Kodi movie addons can all be found in the official Kodi addons repository. To watch movies on Kodi, you will want to install the following addons:

1 BBC iPlayer

Kodi Movie Addons
BBC iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer is legal to use if you are a UK resident with a valid TV License 

BBC radio and TV programs come in the form of iPlayer WWW as a Kodi movie addons. You can watch live TV, catch-up TV programs and radio content from the BBC iPlayer website. Keep in mind that most content is UK only, so you’ll have to set your VPN to the UK to use it.

iPlayer WWW is available in the Official Kodi Addon Repository.

2 PlayOn


If you have subscribed for many paid streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, you can integrate them all in one paid Kodi addons, which is PlayOn.

At just $2.50 a month, PlayOn permits you to integrate most paid streaming services, and also provides you the choice to download video files in MP4 format on your Kodi installed streaming hardware.

You will need a Windows PC to record the video onto using the PlayOn Media Server app, but the Kodi movie addon works on any operating system. It contains a feature that allows you to automatically skip ads .

PlayOn is a fully-legal and interesting way to connect your paid streaming accounts and fully integrates with the Kodi media player.

Playon is available in the Official Kodi Addon Repository.

3 YouTube – Kodi movie Addons

Kodi Movie Addons

Everybody loves YouTube for the more number of great videos that are uploaded on it daily and are totally free to watch. Too bad that there is no direct way to open YouTube directly on Kodi. However, things couldn’t have become any simpler, now that there is a dedicated YouTube for Kodi movie addons.

With this addon installed on your Kodi installed streaming player, you can access any video that’s on YouTube. Usually it takes about a week for the YouTube videos to become available on the YouTube Kodi addon, but it’s all worth the wait.

The YouTube Kodi addons is an official Kodi addons and hence it can be downloaded from the official Kodi Video Add-on repository. In fact, you don’t even get the annoying advertisements that play before your videos either.

YouTube is a fully-legal option for streaming video.

4 Kodi movie Addons – USTVnow

Kodi Movie Addons

USTVnow is a great streaming service. Although more particularly designed for US military service men and women and expatriates who are overseas, attractive much anyone can sign up for and use the service. USTV Now costs $19 a month for 28 cable channels and limited DVR services. You can pay out $39 a month for an option that tacks on unlimited DVR.

You can get access to hundreds of movies and TV shows. Whether they’re shows you saved through DVR, or on-demand replays, you can access that content through the USTV Now addons.

USTV Now is considered legal at this time.  You can find it in the Official Kodi Addon Repository, however, this is an older version that may not work. You can get for the newer version of Kodi movie addons, you can check the SuperRepo or Kodisrael addons repositories.

5 Kodi Movie Addons – NETFLIX

Kodi Movie Addons

As with the Amazon Prime Video addon, you can now watch Netflix through Kodi thanks to DRM support on Kodi v.18. You will get access to your whole Netflix library through this addon, including search functions.

You can install the Netflix addon for Kodi v.18 through the developer’s github.

6 FilmRise – YouTube

FilmRise – YouTube

If you are looking for a great legal movie streaming option with tons of films to watch? It is acquiring licenses for film and TV company and offer all the content free online.

FilmRise offers over 7,500 titles, easily made available on YouTube and therefore easily available through Kodi. There’s more than one FilmRise Kodi addons, but the one you will want is FilmRise – YouTube. This one offers access to all of the FilmRise content that’s available on YouTube, which is far more than you will likely know what to do with.

You can find the FilmRise addon in the official Kodi Addon Repository.

7 Crackle for Kodi Addons

Kodi Movie Addons

It is a free online video streaming library that is owned and managed by Sony. It has some great quality movies and the content here gets frequently updated.

The Crackle addon for Kodi makes all of this content available for you to stream from anywhere in the world for free.

Crackle is not an unofficial Kodi addon so it cannot be downloaded from the official Kodi repository. You can find the addon on the eracknaphobia’s repository.

8 SnagFilms


SnagFilms is a film and tv distribution company with a similar business model as FilmRise. Similar like as   FilmRise, SnagFilms acquires complete movie and TV licenses and then offers a huge amount of that content free online.

While SnagFilms has a somewhat smaller library, it’s still huge–over 5,000 movies and TV shows are available here.

You can enjoy a large selection of SnagFilms content freely and legally using the SnagFilms Kodi addon. SnagFilms is available in the official Kodi Addon Repository.

9 Internet Archive [Video]

Kodi Movie Addons
Internet Archive [Video]

Into classic, license-free films? Internet Archive [Video] is the addons for you. The Internet Archive is a huge online database full with all kinds of content, from software to music. Sort of like the Library of Congress for the internet, the Internet Archive also has a huge video library you can access through Kodi. As there’s no paywall or subscription necessary to view the content.

The Internet Archive [Video] Kodi addon is fully legal, but you won’t find it in the official Kodi Addon Repository. Instead, you’ll need to turn to the “MetalChris addon repository” .

10 Amazon Prime Video

Kodi Movie Addons
Amazon Prime Video

If you have a working Amazon Prime Video account, and you need to stream Amazon Prime Video content, you can now do so with Kodi. With a new committed Amazon Prime Video addon for Kodi, now you can integrate your Amazon Prime account on your Kodi media streaming player very accessibly.

Once done, you can access all the Amazon Prime Video library right on your Kodi interface. This adds worth to Kodi as well as Amazon Prime Video.

11 Bollywood Movies

Bollywood Movies

Bollywood Movies scrapes free-to-watch Indian movies from YouTube. There’s an enormous variety of content to choose from so you’re sure to find something interesting. Best of all, many of the available titles have been dubbed over in Telugu, Tamil, or Hindi.

The Bollywood Movies Kodi movie addons is free, but not located in the Official Kodi Addon Repository. Instead, you can find the most updated and trustworthy version in the TVAddons Repository.

12 Sling TV

Sling TV

If you are a US resident and you already own a Sling TV subscription, you can make use of the Sling TV addon to watch all the good stuff on Kodi. The addon will offer you with access to a great selection of TV shows and movies.

Sling TV is an official Kodi addon which can be found in the Kodi Video Addon Repository.

13 Tubi TV

Kodi Movie Addons
Tubi TV

No Kodi addon guide is complete without the mention of Tubi TV. It is one of the most wanted Kodi addons that provides you access to over 50,000 different TV shows and movies. What’s even more surprising is that even though Tubi TV is a free service, it has more than 600 great TV shows and movies that are highly rated – some of these are originals too.

TUBI TV has different content libraries for different region, which means that not every title is accessible in every country. To access all the content on Tubi TV, get a good streaming VPN and modification your location to the US.

14 Popcornflix


It is like as Tubi TV, popcornflix has got a vast content library. It has been making streamers happy since quite a few years now. Primarily, it is a free movie streaming service that now offers a Kodi movie addons as well.

Just you can download and install popcornflix Kodi add-on to enjoy loads of content without spending a dime.

The add-on offers interesting categories and content clusters such as Bro Movies, Asian Action, Shout! Factory TV, and a holiday-themed Tis The Season.

You’ll find the Popcornflix Kodi addon in the Official Kodi Addon Repository.

15 Films for Action

Kodi Movie Addons
Films for Action

It is the one of the interesting addons also its offers access to an extensive range of documentaries and short films relating to topics like social justice, the environment, and net neutrality. While you likely won’t be interested in every class of content, there’s so much of it that you’re bound to find something you like.

You can find Films for Action in the official Kodi Addon Repository.

16 Genesis Reborn

Kodi Movie Addons
Genesis Reborn

Another amazing Kodi movie addons like Exodus, Genesis Reborn signifies the revived version of the Genesis addon. The last Genesis addon was killed by some law enforcement agencies.

Regardless, what makes Genesis Reborn really great than other addons is that it offers you High-Definition streams. In fact, the addon is one of the many few that can let you stream 4K media.

For Genesis Reborn add-on, you may download either of the following repositories: Kodil (Kodisrael) or Super Repo.

17 Black and White Movies

Black and White Movies

Though it does not only contain black and white movies, this addon is popular for hosting all the old classic TV shows and movies that eventually got removed from other sources that originally hosted them

If it has an expired copyright, you can find it on Black and White Movies. Those who love older films will find Black and White Movies is a worth Kodi addon.

Black and White Movies is available in MetalChris’s Repository.

18 Pluto.tv for Kodi Movie Addons

Kodi Movie Addons

A great addon that is totally free to download and really easy to use and navigate through loads of content that it has to offer. Once you have installed the addon, you will find lots of live TV channels as well as huge libraries of great TV shows and movies ranging from classic to trending.

You will find Pluto.tv in the official Kodi Addon Repository.

19 Documentary Storm

Documentary Storm

There are have some documentary movie addons that do a better job than Documentary Storm. With a dozen groups and hundreds of films scrapped from around the web, you’ll find Documentary Storm is a good go-to Kodi movie addons for when you need to educate yourself about the world.

You can find Documentary Storm from MetalChris’s Repository.

20 Charge! TV Live

Charge! TV Live

If you are seeing for one addon that has something from every types, Charge! TV Live may be the one for you. Here, you can find TV shows, movies, and documentaries and some sports.

Charge! TV is free to download and use, but it comes along with a downside. This add-on is only targeted for the US streamers; hence it is only accessible from within the US.

You can still access content via this add-on from outside the US, if you are connected to a premium streaming VPN. Once connected, you can simply change your location to the US. This would instantly grant you access to all the content that’s accessible on the Charge! TV Live Kodi addon.

You can find Charge! TV Live Official Kodi Addon Repository.

21 Comet TV Live

Comet TV Live

Comet TV Live is a free streaming service that offers a lot of content related to science and fiction. This addon focuses on TV shows and movies from this type and does a great job at that.

Comet TV Live is an official Kodi add-on so you can easily find it in Kodi’s Official Video Addon repository.

22 Shout Factory TV

Shout Factory TV

If you are into cult classic B-movies and TV shows, you may just want to get it directly from the source. Also you can get some of the Shout Factory TV content from Popcorn Flix.

Shout Factory TV offers up hundreds of TV shows nad movies that will have you groaning and rolling your eyes.

Even better, you will also be able to laugh along to commentary thanks to dozens of episodes of Rifftrax and MST3K offered through this addon.

23 Classic Cinema

Classic Cinema

The Classic Cinema addons for Kodi offers access to lots of movies and serials from the early 20th century including some promptly recognizable titles like Dick Tracy and Oceans 11. There’s no need to register, and all of the content is available free-of-charge, meaning it’s a great way to brush up on the classics.

You’ll find the Classic Cinema Kodi addon in the Official Kodi Addon Repository.

24 British Pathe for Kodi Movie Addons

Kodi Movie Addons
British Pathe

The British Pathe Kodi addon offers access to British Pathe and its wide library of classic and historical videos from around the world. 

You can browse through a number of altered unique collections, including those covering war, country profiles, seasonal content, British royalty, sports, and political figures. You can also browse by decade. The library of content goes back to the 1890s and has titles as recent as 2000-2009.

It doesn’t contain much in regard to full-length movies but it’s a boon for history buffs.

25 Xumo


It like as Pluto.tv Xumo also offers all the same content and TV channels. Both the addons complement each other and get frequently updated. In times when Pluto.tv faces outages, most streamers revert to Xumo and the experience remains equally amazing.

26 National Geographic

Kodi Movie Addons
National Geographic

National Geographic is one of the oldest, most well-known companies offering nature and reality programming and content. Thanks to the efforts of fraserc, a prolific Kodi addon developer, you can now stream content from the Nat Geo website directly through Kodi.

There’s a lot of free content to stream. There is also a large number of other quality addons available, with some interesting new entries into the field.

You can install this addon directly from the official Kodi addon repository.

27 Funimation Now

Funimation Now

Anime fans can access the full set of shows and movies available on Funimation. The addon lets you access both free and premium anime.

The addon is constant and well-designed, so you can quickly install it and start watching. Funimation has plenty of exclusive anime you won’t find anywhere else.

Funimation is now available from the Official Repository. You must have a US IP address to access the streams.

28 Indy Darlings – Live and on-Demand Wrestling

Indy Darlings

Indy Darlings is maybe one of the best addons to hit Kodi in a long time, especially for wrestling fans.

You will find a lot of on-demand content for the exciting new All Elites Wrestling league. The addons even supports live streaming, when live streams are available, and is totally free to download and use.

he Indy Darlings addon is not part of any repository just yet. How to get the repository,in below

  • To download the Indy Darlings video plugin zip file .
  • Open Kodi and goto Addons
  • Click on the package symbol (top left) and Install from zip
  • Locate your download folder in the file explorer
  • Find the plugin.video.indydarlings Kodi Addon and click to install

29 Exodus for Kodi Movie Addons


It is basically one of the most popular and widely-used movie addons amongst Kodi users.

In fact, you can find the Exodus addon in many Kodi repositories. The addon has a minimalistic and easy to use interface and, needless to say, a wide library. Moreover, it has systematically controlled the library with types like Box Office Hit, Oscar Winners, Ratings, and more.

For Exodus add-on, you may download either of the following repositories: Cypher’s Locker or Smash Repo or Kodil (Kodisrael).

30 BFI Player

BFI Player

It is containing great collection of live programs, sports, news, and other entertainment, BFI Player has hundreds of TV shows and movies. It is a totally free add-on that can be downloaded on your Kodi media player.

Unluckily, the addon is meant for the US audience only. If you are outside the US, you won’t be able to stream anything using BFI Player, unless you connect to a premium streaming VPN and change your location to the US.

You can watch a plethora of British films through BFI Player.

You can install this Addon directly from the Official Kodi Addon Repository.

31 Disney+ for Kodi Movie Addons

Kodi Movie Addons

Yes, Disney+ is finally available on Kodi! You can stream all of the Disney+ content in Kodi’s super-easy interface, which you may find is significantly easier to navigate than Disney’s own interface. It’s also expressively faster than Disney’s interface thanks to the reduced mess.

You can find the Disney+ Kodi addon in the SkyGuy Kodi Repository.

Best Kodi Movie Addons 2020

After having used Kodi Addons for several years, I have realized that you don’t need hundreds of addons no matter the type of content you want to watch. All you need is 3 to 5 different addons for any content category. But what truly matters are that the addons you pick are working and must deliver high-quality streams. Therefore, I am giving my 100% to make sure that our ‘Best Kodi Movie Addons’ list contains ONLY the working Kodi addons that generate playable streams.

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