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Network security is a problematic thing, but using a Virtual Private Network like IPVanish VPN goes a long way toward making the web safer and more secure. IPVanish VPN offers a good value with 10 simultaneous connections and an impressive collection of servers, and it goes further with unique features like automatic IP address cycling. IPVanish VPN is an all-around excellent product and one of the best VPNs.

It is provider that emphasizes speed, security, and privacy. We loved IPVanish VPN and would recommend it for users like torrentting who want intense fast speeds and great privacy.

It’s among the most standard with torrenters and Kodi users, however, fans of Netflix may want to try another service since IPVanish does not unblock the famous streaming service.

IN below, we will see about the IPVanish VPN , working functionalities and Features.

What Is a VPN

IPVanish VPN

You connected to the internet via a VPN, all your web traffic is routed to a VPN server through a secure, encrypted tunnel. This means that somebody spying on your local network, won’t be able to see your online activities.

A VPN also hide your real IP Address, making it tougher to track you across the web. Even your ISP will have a hard time gathering and selling your data when you use a VPN, because it can’t enter the encrypted tunnel.Do You want to know more about How to hide your IP Address?

VPNs are used every day by persons worried about security or trying to evade restrictions on internet access.

Pricing and Features

IPVanish VPN
IPVanish VPN


IPVanish VPN has a simple pricing with just three options, all of which have the same features. The service costs $10.00 per month, $26.99 billed every three months, or $77.99 billed annually. As is the case with most VPN services, it offers a change of special deals and discounts.

Compare the price with other VPN app, TunnelBear offers a free subscription, but limits users to just 500MB per month. ProtonVPN has the best free option, placing no data limits on free subscribers. It also has a very flexible payment plan, making it extremely accessible.

You can pay for IPVanish VPN with any major credit card or PayPal. If you’re seeing to use Bitcoin, prepaid gift cards, or some other anonymous method of payment.

TorGuard on the other hand, permits many anonymous payment options. If you ever wanted to use a Subway gift card to buy a VPN subscription, like as, TorGuard is a good option.

IPVanish permits you to connect up to ten devices concurrently, which is double the five offered by most VPN services. Windscribe and Avira Phantom VPN take the rare move of placing no limit on the number of devices you can use. Several VPN services permit you to purchase extra connection slots, but TorGuard has the simplest system: a slider that lets you select up to 200 additional connections.


Nearly all VPNs allow the use of BitTorrent and P2F file sharing on their networks, although some do restrict the activity to exact servers. NordVPN is one such service, and TorGuard is another.

IPVanish VPN are available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. Other operating systems will have to manually configure a third-party app to connect, or connect to a VPN-enabled router.

It is a notable favorite among Kodi users. Kodi, a free home theater software that permits for streaming video and other content from several sources, is often installed on android-based devices like the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

But these devices do not have access to Google Play, and they are operated via remote control instead of a keyboard and mouse or touchscreen. IPVanish allows users to directly download its Android APK directly to their device, and the interface is remote-control friendly.

The IPVanish apps come with an optional Kill switch that halts internet traffic should the VPN connection unexpectedly drop. DNS leak protection is built in, including IPv6 leak protection. The company keeps no traffic or usage logs on its customers. It does not record your source IP or any of your online activity.

VPN Protocols

There are multiple ways to create a VPN connection, but I wish the OpenVPN protocol. It has a good for speed and reliability and is open-source, meaning that its code has been picked over for possible vulnerabilities. IPVanish supports OpenVPN (TCP or UDP), as well as IKEv2—another good choice. The service also has legacy support for L2TP and PPTP.

Note that many developers opt to not comprise OpenVPN in their iOS apps because Apple treats such apps with exceptional inspection. IPVanish is one example of a developer that has not included OpenVPN, opting instead for IKEv2.

Setup and Interface of IPVanish VPN

Once you have created an account, just download and install the app for whatever operating system you use and log in with your account credentials. There’s no need to validate individual devices.

In below, we will see about for tested the apps for Windows 10 and Android.

Windows 10 @ Desktop

The desktop interface opens to a fast connect menu where by default you will connect to a nearby server using automated selection settings. These can easily be changed to choose a preferred country, city, and even an exact server domain through drop down menus to suit your needs. The upstream and downstream traffic will be displayed once you connected device.

If you want to wish a different manner of connecting to a server, IPVanish VPN has you covered. You can search the full server list in the location menu, select a location from a map, or use advanced filters to narrow down server selection by protocol, country, and latency. I especially like that the server list is searchable.

Many technical structures can be found in the settings menu. These include startup behavior, updates, kill switch, DNS leak protection, obfuscation, port number, how often your IP address is changed, DNS configuration, and the local client log.

IPVanish VPN has lots of customization and advanced features—and that it keeps them hidden unless you need them.

You can, for example, have the app change your IP address at a set interval. The Kill Switch feature blocks access to the web unless the VPN is connected, and the app can be configured to connect automatically on startup.

If you close the IPVanish window, it will continue to run in the system tray. So right clicking the system tray menu, you can connect or disconnect from the VPN, change your IP, bring up the main window, or exit the program.

Some VPNs may leak your personal information, like your real IP address or DNS information. IPVanish doesn’t leak DNS information. It also named its DNS server something recognizable, which I appreciate.

Mobile @ Android

The mobile app gives a similar of upstream and downstream traffic as the desktop app. You may search or browse locations in list form, and apply filters by latency and country. In the Android version we tested, you can opt for OpenVPN over TCP or UDP, enable obfuscation via the “scramble” toggle, choose a port number, and select how often you want your IP address changed.

The mobile app did not offer an internet kill switch, unfortunately.

IPVanish VPN is a good option for devices that are controlled via remote control, such as Amazon Fire TVs running Kodi.

Speed Test Results

VPN services usually have some kind of impact on your web browsing. Usually, this means slower download speeds, slower upload speeds, and increased latency. To get some kind of feel for what kind of impact a VPN makes on web browsing,

IPVanish VPN operates more than 350 servers in over 60 countries. That’s quite a lot but for a provider of this size, about average. The countries with the most locations include the US, UK, Canada, India, and Turkey. Server switching is unlimited.

I ran speed tests at various times of day on servers in North America, Europe, and Asia. Across all times and locations tested, IPVanish’s average download speed was 53 Mbps. That’s about average for VPNs in its price range.

Here are the average download speeds broken down by region: Keep in mind that your results will be different, and that I use these figures solely for comparison’s sake.

  • North America: 78 Mbps
  • Europe: 28 Mbps
  • Asia: 53 Mbps

I don’t recommend choosing a VPN on speed alone. Rather, consider the features, value, and trust that a service offers.

Servers and Server Locations

I value geographic diversity in VPN servers because it means you have lots of choices for spoofing your location and can be assured that there will be a nearby server for faster, more reliable connections when you travel abroad. It also means more choices for location spoofing.

IPVanish boasts servers range across 51 countries. That’s fewer than numerous competitors, but it’s still a good mix of locations, covering most of the globe. IPVanish deserves credit for offering servers in Africa and South America, as those two continents are often completely ignored by VPN companies.

The total number of servers a VPN company offers is obviously linked to how many subscribers it servers—more subscribers, more servers. Still, more is always better since more servers can mean less overloading on those servers. IPVanish presently offers a respectable 1,300 servers.

A virtual server runs on physical server hardware, but it is software-defined, letting some virtual servers exist on a single physical server. Sometimes, virtual servers are configured to appear as if they are operating in an altered country than the hardware on which they operate. This can be an issue if you’re concerned about the exact locations through which your data travels, but it has its upsides.

Virtual servers mean companies can quickly adapt to meet demand and can use physical hardware in safe locations to serve regions that aren’t as secure.

IPVanish VPN and Netflix

IPVanish VPN and Netflix
IPVanish and Netflix

The location-spoofing abilities of a VPN make it a standard choice for accessing streaming content in other countries. In order to enforce these kinds of geographically sensitive deals, Netflix and other streaming services tend to block VPN users.

While using IPVanish, I found I was able to access Netflix with ease. That could change at any time, since the VPNs for watching Netflix are in a cat-and-mouse game with the streaming service.

IPVanish VPN on Other Platforms

You can configure any device to use IPVanish’s services, but the company also offers native apps for Android, Chromebooks, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows. IPVanish does not offer browser plugins, as many competitors do. It does, however, support an app for Amazon Fire TV.

The company’s website offers exact instructions for configuring devices, as well as Windows Phones and routers, to work with IPVanish.

Putting a VPN on your router might sound strange, but doing so secures all the traffic flowing through the router, including devices that can’t have VPN software installed locally.

If you are interested in having a VPN router, but you don’t want to set it up yourself, IPVanish has partnerships with retailers to offer pre-configured routers.

Privacy with IPVanish VPN

When you use a VPN, it has as much insight into your internet activity as your ISP. That’s why it’s important to understand the data any VPN service may collect and how they use it. In general, the best VPN services will collect as little as possible, and share even less.

IPVanish’s privacy policy is a bit of a tough read. It’s lengthy, but mostly understandable, and policy paints a positive picture of a privacy-conscious service.

It simply states: “IPVanish does not collect or log any traffic or use of its Virtual Private Network service,” and that “we do not sell or rent personal information to others.”.

In an effort to establish their trustworthiness, some VPN companies have begun releasing the results of commissioned audits. IPVanish has not undergone a third-party audit.

Final words

IPVanish is an easy-to-use VPN with multiple number of simultaneous connections, apps for the major device platforms, strong security, no logging, and average speed. A wide range of servers are available and access to 1,200 servers with good geographic diversity. DNS and IPv6 leak protection, traffic obfuscation, and a kill switch are all built in.

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