iPhone vs Android

iPhone vs Android


iPhone vs Android- its is very tough competition for which one is best. Android which is Linux-based and minimized open source, is uses in more PC than iOS, in that interface and basic features are generally more customizable from top to bottom.

In the same time, iOS’ uniform design elements are sometimes seen as being more user-friendly. iPhone is designed by Unix platforms.

The maximum number of the smartphone has used the Android technology only and is used by various smartphone manufacturers. But iOS is used only on Apple devices like as iPhone.

However, once you decide to buy a smartphone it you will consider some aspects like what is hardware compatibility, OS, speed. Especially if you decide to buy iPhone or Android, it is very tough to selection for which is best one.

Because iPhone vs Android both are contains most of the best features of smartphones in the world. But if you must look in deeply, the overall experience of the iPhone and Android have unique features of the smartphones.

iPhone running by iOS technology and other smartphones running by Android technology, both mobile have some good and little bit of bad points.

In the following post will help you to decide which one is best in iPhone vs Android.

1 User Friendly of iPhone vs Android

The majority of people saying the Apple’s product works good. The iOS interface is pretty easy to use and same time Android interfaces also too easy to use. In fact, if you can use iPhone interface, you won’t have bit trouble using the Android interface.

In earlier days the iPhone was very easy to use but now the current situation there’s really not a huge variation both OS when it comes to ease of use.

Supposed take this example like appearance and home-screen setup into this type, Android is the best for this feature. Android phones give you extra control over your system and its applications.

Also Android smartphones permits you to more flexibility. Apple’s phone also provides some limited flexibility compared than Android phones. But Android feature is let me customized of my smartphone in my own way.

Android have more flexible than iPhone for this features.

2 Hardware

Hardware is the important key points where the difference between the iPhone vs Android become a very clear.

Google providing the Android software to many phone manufacturers, including Samsung, LG, HTC, and Motorola. Because of that, Android Phones differ extensively in size, weight, features, and quality. Same time iPhone providing the extreme control over the how the software and hardware work together, because Apple only manufacturing iPhone.

Keep in mind, the Hardware quality of the iPhone have generally higher level compared than Android. Some of the hardware quality of Android phone as good as the iPhone but cheaper Android choices are more chances to problems.

Another important aspect is, In the market have more manufacturer for Android devices, obviously easily get more model and more brand so you you have to choice both a brand and a model, which can be a small confusing.

In case of iPhone no need to this confusion because you just need to pick a model only. Some people might be referring the Android benefits but majority of people like the Apple’s simple and quality.

3 Security

Android have good security level but compared to iPhone it may have less security only. Google let in its app store in unlimited access rather than Apple.

One important thing is, if you want to avoid the malware in your mobile, get the all application from Google play store. That is best practice for avoid malware but still being google reports that many number of apps contain malware.

One of survey results is, 97% of all malware, viruses, worms, etc were for Android. In that study, 0% attacked the iPhone.

iPhone contains the more secure in inherently and it is also having malware but low only compared than Android-based phones. Do you want to know about Internet Security Suits.

So compared the iPhone vs Android, Apple’s iPhone is having excellent security.

4 Google Assistant vs Siri

You could compare the Google Assistant and Siri, Surely Google assistant have the more advantage in the feature. It is much more than best voice voice interface to Google search.

The one the best in the Artificial Intelligence or Intelligent Assistant is Google Assistant. It is extremely great tool there is no doubt If you are using Google Assistant, your life is moved to easy because Google uses the knows about you and the world.

Example like, if you are plan to meeting a person on lunch time on city and traffic is terrible. Google Assistant will work out that you need to leave early to make your meeting, and it will inform you before.

Apple’s Siri is also good and it will be best answering the questions, but it is than Google Assistant not good. It is improving all the time with each and every new iOS updates. Keep in mind, Google Assistant is now available in iPhone also.

 So Google Assistant is best for Artificial Intelligence.

5 iPhone vs Android – Updates

The patches and updates are very essential aspects for mobiles and computers. The mobile and computer manufacturer will release the frequent updates for their products, it is help to protect their products.

Apple’s frequently release the new patch or updates and it is still supported to their all iPhone models. But the Android smartphone have not these new updates in frequently.

In Android, Google provisions the core operating system and few important programs, and it is up to the phone manufacturer to deliver upgrades and updates.

I am telling you, if you are using the “High-End Android Mobile” chances are there to get the new updates and patches. But all other Android mobiles, you never even see the new patches and updates in frequently.

Another survey report says, more number of the Android phone running in the out-of-date security updates only.

Meantime, iOS update can be consistent. The result of each and every time of the Apple’s update is great, since no record for updates failure up to iOS 6 to iOS 13.

So Apple’s iPhone have good new updates.

6 Battery life

In fact, very difficult to estimate the battery life of the Android vs iPhone because it is differed from various model and brand also. But what i tell you mean, the Android have the good quality of battery than iOS.

In recent Apple’s iPhone have good battery backup compared to their previous iPhone models. It has enhanced the battery life on recent new version.

Android phones don’t require to be as recharged as frequently as iPhone because Android phones have various brand and model like as Samsung, Motorola, LG etc so charging capacity might be varying depend upon the phone model.

Also you must be considered the below aspects for the phone charging capacity;

  • Operating systems
  • Phone model and brand
  • Phone usage
  • Scree-size

7 Peripherals

In generally these peripherals are connected to the smartphone, like earphone, charging cables, mobile cases. Android phones has more advantage for peripherals of smartphones.

The USB ports are available in various devices. Android phones use USB ports to connect to the other devices. You can connect many gadgets to your phones using USB.

But Apple uses its proprietary Lightning port to connect to accessories and it providing Apple more control over the quality of the accessories that work with the iPhone. But Android phones given the huge choice of accessories rather than iPhone.

Another advantage of Android is, many people are likely to have a USB cables and USB cables are cheaper than their Lightning port.

8 OS Compatibility

The OS Compatibility, if you are using the iPhone or Android phone make sure you always have the latest version of your phone OS. That is the good practice for OS compatibility.

Some of the Android phone manufacturers are updating their phone OS by very slow process and many time they don’t update their phones OS at all. So what is future impact being, that older phones will finally lose support for the latest OS. But Apple providing support for older phones is better than Android.

I tell you an important thing, Apple being providing excellent support for iOS 11 in the iPhone 5S, which was released in 2013. So Apple gives the support for an old devices and full support availability for all other models.

Above 66% of compatible models was installed within 6 weeks of iOS 11 release. Same time in the Android 8 (Oreo) was running 0.2% of Android devices only also it was taking the 8 weeks’ time periods.

After one year of release by Android 7, only 18% devices are running on this version.

If you want to latest update in frequently meant, better you go for iPhone.

9 Integration with Other Devices

Maximum people use a tablet, computer, or wearable in extra to their smartphone. Apple providing a more consistent and integrated experience for those people.

Apple manufacturing more products along with iPhone like as computers, tablets, and watches so it is providing more features and benefits rather than Android.

You could have noticed this option; Apples’ features allow to you for unlock your mac using an iPhone. It is a nice feature to user.

Another important option is, while you are walking you can start writing an email on your iPhone and complete it on your mac at home – This is very good feature to user.

Android devices are working fine; google applications like G Mail, Maps, Google Now, are work across all Android devices, which is very valuable but your watch, tablet phone all must be made in the same company. Otherwise it is not good than iPhone.

So compared the iPhone vs Android, Apple’s iPhone have good integrate with other devices rather than Android devices.

10 Avoid Junk Apps

What is Android openness, most of the times phone manufacturers install their own application instead of standard apps.

This might be increase by phone companies also installing their own apps. Final impact of those process, it can be hard to know what apps will come on your Android device and whether it is good or bad.

But in the case of iPhone is very good status is there because the all per-installation of iPhone is done by Apple only. So so every iPhone comes with the same, mostly high-quality apps.

11 Videoconferencing

Google might be not focused on video and IM applications. I think Google hangouts is now Google’s main communications apps, but I could be wrong.

The iPhone, it uses Facetime option for voice and video. Facetime is a great videoconferencing suite. Also it is running more than Apple platform. But important point is, the Facetime is working only for Apples product.

12 Screen Size of iPhone vs Android

Android providing the big-screen than Apple phone. So if you want to big-screen smartphone better goes for Android.

Phablets, it is a new word for to explain about the hybrid phone and devices. Android provided the first Phablets and continues to provide the most and major options.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra’s size is true to its name, with an absolutely huge 6.9-inch screen.

The newly-released iPhone 11 Pro Max and 2018’s iPhone XS Max are tied for the biggest-ever iPhone screen sizes, with each boasting a 6.5-inch display.

Finally, the Android smartphone have the almost big screen size compare than iPhone. But the picture and video quality is best in iPhone only.

13 Cameras

Keep in mind, the camera quality is very very different from all Android models. Example, Galaxy S8 which is used the more or less same hardware in the S8 but the camera quality is little bit behind the iPhone 7 Plus.

Unique feature of both iPhone and Android have very good camera quality. And the Galaxy models has a wider-angle lens so it is best for take selfies but iPhone is a little bit better at maximum points for in this features.

14 Browsers

Apple iOS uses a Safari browser; same time the Android uses a Google Chrome. Both of the browsers quality and performance is very good and also Google Chrome is also available for iOS. Safari is not available for Android. 

15 Carriers

Both iPhone and Android phones work on the U.S.’s four biggest phone carriers, like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon.

iPhone lagged behind Android’s carrier selection for long a day since it was debuted. Frankly telling you, the iPhone only works on AT&T on the starting time. Then, the first time T-Mobile start provides the offer to iPhone at 2013. After that instance all the four carriers providing to the iPhone.

Android and iPhone are also available in through the many small, regional carriers in the U.S. Overseas. But you will be find, what is the market value of those phones in outside of U.S. market then you must find the best one.

16 GPS Navigation

The GPS apps is make it very easy for your travel and find the new location and more. Android and iPhone both have the built-in GPS and maps application. It is working very effective manner also.

Third-party GPS apps also working in the both Android and iPhone and those GPS apps can give drivers turn-by-turn directions.  

Apple Maps is exclusive to iOS user, and while that app had few issues when it debuted, it’s getting consistent better all the time. It’s a strong alternative to Google Maps for many users.

17 Bottom Line – iPhone vs Android


Massive app: While on smartphones general apps are generally available for both platforms.

Better privacy controls: iOS provides best control over the access apps have to users’ private information like as locations and contacts.

Software upgrades: Apple providing software updates to all Apples products that have the hardware capable of behavior the new software. This meant devices stay updated with software features for at least two to three years.


Massive hardware selection: A huge number of Android devices are accessible at enormous price points, with different hardware capabilities, screen sizes and features.

Highly customizable user experience: The home screen can be customized with not just app icons but widgets that let the user to stay connected.

Some Comparison

Description Android iOS
First version Android 1.0, Alpha iPhone OS 1, before named iOS
Latest stable release and Updates Android 10 (September 3, 2019) iOS 14.0 beta 1 on June 22 and iPadOS 13.5.1 (June 1, 2020)
Source model Open source Closed, with open source components.
Widgets Yes, except on lockscreen No, except in Notification Center
Available language(s) 100+ Languages 34 Languages
Open source Kernel (Based on Linux), UI, and some standard apps The iOS kernel is not open source but is based on the open-source Darwin OS.
Cloud services Native integration with Google Drive storage. 15GB free, $2/mo for 100GB, 1TB for $10. Apps available for Amazon Photos, OneDrive and Dropbox. Native integration with iCloud. 5GB free, 50GB for $1/mo, 200GB for $3/mo, 1TB for $10/mo. Apps available for Google Drive and Google Photos, Amazon Photos, OneDrive and  Dropbox.

Final Words

iPhone vs Android both are working very good and providing the excellent performance but it may be differ from the customer utilization. Because, many people will value hardware choice more, others will care more about battery life or mobile gaming.

Both platforms provide a better selection for different people. So if you have a plan for buy a new smartphone, keep in mind for the above key factors and take the final decision.

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