Create Slideshow with Microsoft Photos

How to Create Slideshow with Microsoft Photos


Did you know how to create photo slideshow with Microsoft photos? The Microsoft has decided to discontinue Windows Move maker in last year and instead of that introduce a new video editing option that is Microsoft Photos section and its is provides to you how to create photo/videos slideshows from picture and videos.

In generally, we have use more advanced video editing tools for our official slideshows (OR) some personal slideshows moments. I like to stay on top of new updates and try our new features.

The video editor application is not a replacement for Windows Movie Maker, but it does extra special offer basic video editing possibilities, so if you need to make a slideshow of photos, videos, music, text and effects, it’s surely worth a try. The following step will help you for how to create slideshow with Microsoft Photos.

1 Prep Your Slideshow

In any photo slideshow, the first step is to plan for the concept, outline and content etc. I will explain in this section we will see how to make a slideshow with pictures and uses some photos and videos. First make sure all slideshow photos, videos are saved in a dedicated folder also arranged in the order based on the slideshow outline.

2 Create a New Video Job for Slideshow

You have open the Microsoft Photos application, you can look into the photo management interface organized with either Collection, Albums, People, and Folders.

  1. Collection includes all your media organized by date.
  2. Albums Creations shows your albums and video projects.
  3. People helps you to tag and organize photos accordingly.
  4. Folders shows media in a folder structure.

Choose the video editing features, you should click on Create, which provide three options in the follow:

How to Create Slideshow with Microsoft Photos
Folder Options
  • Automatic video with music: You will select photos(OR)videos, while the app arranges the content with a theme, effects and background music. You can edit it your own wish in after that also.
  • Custom video with music: You import your photos(OR)videos, arrange the order and duration of each item, and add music and effects yourself.
  • Album: This is available to organize your photos and videos into different albums.

3 Import Your Photos and Videos

Then you choose the Custom video with music option, the Microsoft Photos app will ask you to choose what you’d like to add. That’s when you upload the photos and videos from your saved dedicated slideshow folder.

Then go to the Folder => Add folder => Here you will be adding your content folder of your photo slideshow.

How to Create Slideshow with Microsoft Photos
Create New Video

Then you are in now Folders, click on the folder where you have the slideshow content. Select all the photos and videos you want to add in your slideshow and click on Create. Then you will see a blue screen telling you that the app is creating a video from the selected items.

Once the app creates your video, you can see a new screen with a Project library on the top left, Storyboard at the bottom, and Preview on the top right. The application will ask you to name your video.

Once upload the photo and videos and done for the project library then you don’t want to save your project because app will automatically save it for you entire your editing process. You can always find your video project under Albums.

4 Set Your Picture Aspect Ratio

Its helps to define the shape of the video display.

  • 4:3 (standard TV format)
  • 16:9 (widescreen TV format)
  • Portrait (handy for social media shares

5 Arrange Photos/Videos for Create Slideshow

For this section explain to arrange the photos, The Microsoft Photos app adds your content to the video project in sequential order – newest to oldest, or oldest to newest. In this place you will need to do a small manual work by dragging and dropping your photos and videos from one point to another on your storyboard.

This place you want to add some new content? Go to Project library and choose on Add photos and videos. Add new content to the Project library. Then drag and drop the new content from the Project library to the Storyboard.

6 Edit your Photos for Create your Slideshow

Hereafter have some a few smaller editing functions available in Microsoft Photos. In general suggestion for you edit your photos and videos according to your usual work method before starting the video creation process. 

How to Edit the Slideshows / To Follow the Instruction

  1. Duration
  2. Resize
  3. Text
  4. Filters
  5. Motion
  6. 3D Effects
  7. Editing Videos
  8. Trim

a) Duration:

Microsoft Photos will automatically decide on their duration while photo upload. To be able to correspond your music with the content and do some fine-tuning for the flow of your slideshow.

You will need to adjust the duration of your photos manually and click on Duration and either select a timing from the available menu, or add manually and you can not adjust multiple photo at a time, you can do one by one.

b) Reize:

By default, in the Shrink to fit mode, which scales down your photo or video to fit the screen size you selected, all the while preserving the aspect ratio of your original content. In this place you see two black bars on the sides, if you select Remove black bars, the app will crop your photo or video. In other way manually crop your photo to have the right size for your screen, or drop that photo from the composition altogether.

c) Text: You click on Text; you’ll be able to add text to your photo.

d) Filters: To be able to choose from a various number of Filters. It’s helpful if you need to adjust color balance or saturation with one click.

e) Motion: You want to add some basic panning and zooming options to add some Motion to your stills. In Microsoft Photos, you select the effect and it’s automatically applied by the video editor in a default.

f) 3D Effects: The Microsoft photos also has some 3D Effects and objects that can be used for your slideshow.

g) Editing Videos: This options is very simple to use,once you click on a video on your Storyboard and you will see similar editing options as those for your photos, except that Duration is replaced with Trim.

h) Trim:

It is very special feature for Microsoft photos, you click on Trim, a new screen will display with two slides on your video timeline. Which one you want, just select the portion of the video to keep by moving the sliders left or right and also you can see the trimmed video length at top right. In all editing modes, don’t forget to give Done after editing.

7 Import Music

Import Music

To add a sound clip is important for videos, and also important which help you very emotionally with the viewers. In top of the Microsoft photos => select the music => go your music => Here select your own music file to your photo slideshows. You can also find a selection of built-in music offered by the app under the Recommended tab.

8 Synchronize Everything

Once select music from the built-in library, the application provides you to choice to automatically sync your video to that music’s beat also you can import your own music, you will need to work on correspond the music and content manually and It’s able to handle in a practical and quick way, play your slideshow background music and identify the time intervals of strong beats.

9 Export and Share

Export and Share

Once done the video editing, Export or share button to export your video and pick from the three possible options:

  • Small (for email and small screens)
  • Medium (for sharing online)
  • Large (for big screens)

Once everything done and videos is ready then you will be saved as an mp4 format in your Pictures folder under Exported videos.

Final Words

If who are previously used a most advanced photo/video editing tool for create slideshow in this Microsoft photos is not enough for those. This app has only limited features and is not have flexible for automation features like IFTTT app, it will do the job without much of a learning curve, for free, and without the trouble of seeing for other apps.

If you want to a create simple slideshow, you can choose the Microsoft photos app. It has limited feature only but valid for create slideshows. Also do you want more about slideshow, please see my “How to Create Slideshow in Windows” post. If you have feel good, please let us know the comments for this article.

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