How to Block a Website


How to block a website – meant to disable or block the certain websites and internet links like, content harmful to minors, some pornography websites. There are multiple ways available for blocking a website also that is purely depends on your needs only.

Another one definition for block a website means, blocking might be also denote to denying access to a web server based on the IP Address of the client machine. User can apply blocks (based in either IP Address or account) on other users deemed unwanted to prevent them from performing certain activities. So Privileged users can apply blocks that affect the access of the unwanted users to the whole website.

Block or Restrict a website

Block a website is a technical measure intended to restrict access to information. Blocking OR unblocking, may be implemented by the owners of computers using software. Some of countries focused to block the sensitive information that are not directly controlled by state media. Generally, many countries were following different ideas and procedure for block a website.

Let’s see the detail information about how to block a website or internet link in the below session.

General Warnings:

User have better to keep in mind this information: – blocking a website by using these instructions only blocks the website on a computer. All other computer, phone or other connected to your home network can still access the site you’re blocking.

Block a website using Software

Here’s explained about the how to block a website using software. Because most of the user wants to be block a website through the better third party software or tool in windows computer.

You can use them on all the browsers compatible with the Windows OS. There are actually numerous reasons why users choose to block particular websites.

Multiple number of Antivirus software programs come with a firewall or have a choice to obtain one from them. So user can block a website or internet link by used with these kind of software.

Different types of best software available to block websites on PC. I have list out some best software in below.

  1. Vipre
  2. WebTitan
  3. The Web Blocker
  4. InterGuard
  5. Barracuda Web Security Gateway
  6. Truevine’s Website Blocker

Block a website in a Browser

Here’s explained the three portion like.

First = Blocking a website in Internet Explorer

Second one = Blocking a website in Chrome

Third one = Blocking a website in Mozilla Firefox

1-Block a website in Internet Explorer

Step1: Open the Internet options.

Step2: In the Internet Options window, click the Privacy tab.

How to Bock a Website

Step3: Under the Per Site Privacy Actions window, you can enter the Allowed / Blocked websites. Here have the options for Allow/Block privileges.

2-Block a website in Chrome

There are plenty of extensions that allow you to block sites in Chrome so we will see, how to install Block Site in Chrome.

Step1: Open the Chrome web store.

Step2: Click the Add to Chrome button at the top-right of the page.


Step3: Press the Add extension button on the pop-up window to confirm install of the extension.

Step4: Click Agree on the Block Site page to allow Block Site to detect and block adult content web pages.

Step5: The Block Site add-on icon is displayed at the top-right of the Chrome window.

After configuring the extension and granting it permission to sense adult content web pages, you can add websites to the block list one of below methods.

Method 1:

If you want to be block a website, click the Block Site extension icon and Press the Block this site button.

Method 2:

1-Press the Block Site extension icon, then click the gear icon at the top-right of the Block Site pop-up window.

2- On the Block Sites configuration page, enter the web address for the website you want to block in the Enter a web address text field.

3- Press the green plus symbol at the far-right of the web address text field to add the website to the block list.

2-Block a website in Mozilla Firefox

Step1: Open the Add-ons from the Tools menu.

Step2: At the top of the Add-ons Manager page, there is a search bar. Perform a search for Block Site. In the search results, press the Block Site entry.

How to Block a Website

Step3: On the Block Site add-on page, click the Add to Firefox button and press Add in the pop-up window.

Step4: Click Okay, got it in the second pop-up window.

Block a website in Windows

Any website or internet link can be blocked in any windows computer by modify the “host file”.

Please find the host files location in Windows explorer,

  • Windows XP and later versions: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\
  • Windows 2000 & NT: C:\WINNT\system32\drivers\etc\
  • Windows 98 & ME: C:\WINDOWS\

Go to the correct directory using Windows Explorer. Double-click the hosts file. Choose Notepad from the list of programs to open and edit the file in Notepad.

Sample file.

You can replace your desired websites in the above sample files. Press File in the menu bar and select Save. Close the file. The site should be blocked in all web browsers and now instead of trying to access that site, the computer will redirect you to the localhost.

Block a website on a Router

In the present situation of Covid-19, a lots of people working from home and they are using the network router for sharing an Internet connection between multiple devices and can even block websites. So block a website through router is very much easier because it can be password protected, prevents blocks from being bypassed, and because it blocks all devices.

To block a website on a router, connect to the home network router. In generally most routers, this is done by opening a browser and visiting the default router address:

Post connection of Router:

Ok good, once completed the activity of connection between your device and router, you could be follow the below steps.

User keep on this point because each and every router has a different setup so you’ll need to find one of the below settings for your manufacturer of the router. Generally, one of these choices will be available under a “Security,” “Parental control,” or “Firewall” tab or button.

URL Filter – it is allowing you to enter the URL for each website you want to block.

Parental controls – which gives you not only the option to block websites, but also specify the times the Internet can be accessed. It is one of the special features in all Advanced Routers.

Firewall – At last, if neither of the above options is available, the router should offer some type of filtering through the Firewall router settings.

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