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Brave Browser


Brave Browser is an open source web browsers developed by Brave Software, Inc. It comes with several great security and privacy measures that you don’t always get with browsers.

It blocks ads, webpage trackers and provides a way for users to send cryptocurrency contributions in the form of Basic Attention Tokens(BAT) to websites and content creators. The web browser from Brave Software trusts on an uncommon business model.

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Brave model relies on stripping each and every site of every ad, then substituting different ads, came under attack almost directly from publishers that depended on online advertising for their-livelihood.

It has more recognition than other web browsers because brave software was created by very popular persons like Brendan Eich (Former CEO of Mozilla Corporation and creator of JavaScript) and CTO Brian Bondy.

Here’s will see about the brave browser, what it does, how it does it and etc.

What is the Brave browser?

Brave browser

Brave browser is a web browser as like standard browsers like as chrome, Firefox and so on and it is used to navigate to websites, run web apps and display or play online content.

It has feature to avoid ads, remembers site authentication data from appearing on websites also let you to download and use for free.

Brave web browser is reliable, high at performance, compatible and the fastest browser among other Chromium-based web browsers like Opera, Vivaldi or Microsoft’s Edge for a chance.

Advantages of Brave Browser

The big advantage of brave browser is that its servers does not see or store your browsing data and one can customize privacy settings unlike in other browsers.

When equipped with an ad-blocking add-on, Brave envisions a replacement ad ecosystem for the ads and trackers it cleans websites. That ecosystem has been described by brave software but ad those it is not yet completed.

Brave will clean the sites of ads and ad tracking, then replace those ads with its individual advertisement, which will not be alone targeted but instead aimed at an anonymous aggregate of the browser’s user base.

Some of the users like the ads on the websites so brave went that route rather than a simpler all-ad-elimination model. Brave browser claimed, not only it will not only do an ad swap and its advertisements for those originally displayed by a site.

How many people are using Brave?

The Brave currently has 8.7 million active monthly users and approximately 3 million daily active users. He adds that historically the majority of people who used Brave did so on their mobile device, but currently there’s a 50-50 split between desktop and mobile users.

Special Features of Brave

Brave has more feature apart of its anti-attitude. Like the brave browser was built to strip online ads from websites and its creator’s business model relies not only on ad blocking, but on replacing the ads with advertisements from its own network.

Another one important thing, brave also removes all ad trackers, the often-small page components advertisers and site publishers deploy to recognize users so that they know what other sites those users visit or have visited.

For speed and privacy, what makes Brave special?

Yes, Brave has done for most perfect than all other big browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. In fact, Chrome blocks only those it contends are the most irritating and annoying, Firefox will blocks somethings but not clear what that blocker will or or prevent some ad tracking.

Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Protection using with safari brwsers. But none do both and none go as far as Brave.

Would you like to Download and Install Brave Browser?

The brave software page should automatically identify the device’s operating system and offer the proper version. If you not interest to that type of download method, you can choose from the choices at the bottom of the page: Windows x86 or Windows x64, Windows 7 or later; macOS 10.9 or later; or Linux x64 for Debian, Fedora, Ming, openSUSE and Ubuntu.

You can use this link for download the Brave Bowser

You have to use the App Store and Google Play for Download the Brave software for Mobile usage (Android and iOS)

Can Brave run Chrome’s extensions?

Brave is built around Chromium (the same open-source core used for Chrome) and therefore supports all Chrome extensions right from the Chrome Web Store. They contain add-ons for many third-party password managers like Bitwarden, Dashlane, 1Password and LastPass. Also others that display PDFs within the browser and save content to Pocket for later reading.

You can be found the list out the compatible add-ons by clicking the Extensions from the Browser menu.

What’s brave’s tone?

The brave browser has following important things:

  1. Speed
  2. Privacy

On the desktop, Brave loads twice webpage than Chrome and Firefox. So it has a very good speed and performance. Same time on the Smartphone, Brave loads webpages up to eight times faster than Chrome (Android) or Safari (iOS).

Keep mind here, the speed is not a very surprise because by eliminating ads and ad trackers, it downloads very less content from a website than any browser stop Annoying News an ad blocking extension.

In fact, it is simply retrieving very less data than other browsers and also there’s nothing technical about Brave’s performance.

Brave doesn’t and will not store any user data of its server – it is sworn of brave company. “We keep user data out of our cloud Brave Vault by default,” – Eich wrote in his Post. So I telling you this is good for all of us.

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Performance of Brave Browser

The Brave browser is built upon Chromium, the foundation of Google Chrome. It was change the source code chromium, as well as weeding out the Google-specific code that ties the browser to Google web services.

Brave runs extensions from the Chrome Web Store, though it will notify you if it thinks you’re installing a suspect one. Brave slurped up the favorites, websites, passwords, and other necessities from Chrome, however, browsing to internet in very fast.

A single password let you to sync data with other instances of brave browser- It is having in other browsers also.

The performance of every browsers has varied from others also it is very difficult to monitor the performance of browsers. So brave browser performance has intermediate level.

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